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Privacy Policy

You have a right to privacy.

We do not collect any information about individuals (personal information) except where it is specifically, knowingly and necessarily provided for an order to be processed or your enquiry to be dealt with.

We have no wish or need to intrude on your privacy.

Cookies are used only to the extent necessary for the proper working of this website in accordance with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Act 2011

Certain contractors may have such access to information you provide as it needed to fulfill their contractual obligations to us. Such contractors will include from time to time credit card processing agencies, computer and information technology suppliers and others concerned with marketing, banking and security issues. Contractors are not allowed to retain information for their own activities.

Web servers record numbers of pages and pictures accessed, these records do not include any identification of the person visiting the website.

No information you supply to us will be passed to any third party except as mentioned above without your express consent.

If you have any concerns about privacy please contact

Mr S Bogod - Director
Bogod & Company Ltd
91 Goswell Road
London EC1V 7EX

telephone 0207 549 7849